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Trends we are seeing in appliances are the convection steam oven and vacuum seal drawer for Sous Vide cooking. This dynamic duo is becoming a staple in kitchens across the US. transforming the novice home cook into a confident food entrepreneur.

The innovation of a convection steam oven provides modes of cooking such as convection bake, convection with steam, convection with humidity, reheating with moisture and steam alone. The vacuum seal drawer provides longer, maintained food freshness, color, nutrients and storage preparation. Together, the two appliances marry well for Sous Vide, “Under Vacuum” cooking.  A technique that cooks at a consistent low temperature over a long period of time while intensifying flavor and maintaining vitamins and nutrients. This technique has been used in high-end restaurants for years and is now changing the cooking lifestyle in residential homes.

This popular appliance pair not only creates culinary art but also can become the art of the kitchen! 

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