Acid Wash Denim Dress + Woven Sandals

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Story by Ashley White of Le Stylo Rouge     |     Photos by Sabrina Osborn

The heart of summer in Kansas City is all about beating the heat and humidity. How do we do this while still staying stylish?

The answer is lightweight fabrics! Even if you’re in a tank and shorts, you’re going to be uncomfortable if the material is heavy or doesn’t breathe.

I’m showing you a go-anywhere option here with this acid wash denim dress. The denim is super lightweight and breathable, which keeps me cool despite the dress being a darker color and having longer sleeves. I love the babydoll shape – it packs a ton of volume and means lots of air circulation. These factors are important for summer outfitting!

I’m also wearing a big sandal trend here: the woven heel. The braided band across toe is a fun, chic feature and the kitten heel is an easy way to get a little bit of height. Look for these sandals in neutral colors like tan, gray, white, and black to go with everything in your summer wardrobe.

Finally, I’m keeping the sun off my face (good for staying cool and preventing sun damage!) with a wide-brim boater hat. When choosing a summer hat, look for something made from straw and not too tightly woven. This ensures maximum coolness, both of the physical and style variety.

Wishing everyone in KC a happy and cool summer!

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