A Splash of Inspiration

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The right paint color (for you) can turn an ordinary room into an extraordinary space.

Story by Ann Butenas    |    Photos Courtesy of PPG Industries; Getty Images

Painting the interior of your home is an ideal way to freshen up your space. When painted in its entirely, your home can easily elevate from ho-hum to inspiring. Plus, a coat of fresh paint does have the potential to raise the value of your home, helping it sell quickly if you are in the market to do so.

However, before you pick up a brush and pop open the paint can, you should begin with a vision in mind. Are you painting to express your personal style and taste or are you painting to put your home on the market? No matter what path you are pursuing, it will take some strategic planning and a bit of work, but the end result will definitely be worth it.

We spoke with Rebecca Boyd, National Color and Design Manager with PPG and Adjunct Professor at Johnson County Community College for its Interior Design Program, to get a better understanding of how to choose the right color for a room, where to begin, and what paint colors are currently taking center stage. (And if you keep reading, you will have VIP access to the 2023 PPG Color of the Year!)

KCH&S: How do you select the right color for a room?

REBECCA: It is important to choose a color that represents you and the statement you want to make for your home. The right color for any room is what you choose to authentically represent who you are. Paint can always express where you are in a season of time and the lifestyle you have at that time. Paint color choices are and can be a part of your story.

KCH&S: What rooms should you paint first and where do you begin?

REBECCA: This is all about what you want to do. Maybe you want to be bold but also cautious, so you can make a statement piece by painting just one room in a unique and daring color. Maybe you want to express yourself in the public spaces of your home. It is entirely up to you. It’s your story.

KCH&S: What are some paint colors currently trending?

REBECCA: We have seen that you can’t categorize one trend any longer. Instead, we have three color stories taking place. The first one is Serenity, which involves calmer, softer, and muted tones. The second one is Origin, which relies on more earth tones and seeing the beauty of nature. The third one is Duality, which is a study in contrast. With this one, people are expressive and bold while still trying to be their authentic selves.

KCH&S: Are people in the metro area becoming bolder with their selections of interior paint colors?

REBECCA: I see a lot more of this in the Midtown area. When you choose a bold color, you can actually make it a work of art. For example, you can paint your front door a vibrant color that maybe stands outside the scope of the overall exterior paint color of your home. (Keeping HOA rules in mind!) It has been interesting to see how people are expressing themselves in this way.

KCH&S: What colors would you recommend for people who intend to put their home on the market?

REBECCA: If you are going to sell your home, I would choose warmer whites, beiges, and browns. Otherwise, choose the colors that make a statement about who you are. This is your sanctuary!

KCH&S: Of course, we are all eager to know: what is the 2023 PPG Color of the Year?

REBECCA: (insert drum roll here) The color is called Vining Ivy, which is like an elegant, deep green. It is not a true green, but it has undertones of green and blue to it. It is described as “a Caribbean aqua with turquoise undertones.”

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