A Bed of Roses

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Story by Paige Schick

The fall season is upon us – leaves are showing their vivacious colors and cooler days are moving in. What better time than now to add more color to your landscape than by planting roses.

We recently got the rundown of dos and don’ts from rose expert Randy White of Suburban Lawn and Garden. The first step is picking the best time to plant them. “Roses grown in pots can be planted about anytime throughout the growing season and into fall. Although, I prefer to get them in the ground as early as possible, so as to get a good root system going to ensure that they survive the winter,” Randy shared. A good tip is keep your roses hydrated before you plant them – soak the roots in water for twenty-four hours before planting.


Roses are sun lovers, so make sure they are planted in a spot that allows them to absorb at least six hours of sunrays. White recommends feeding the roses with fertilizer every three to four weeks once planted to ensure blooming. Water is another key aspect to producing gorgeous roses, as they need an inch of water per week. If it doesn’t rain, pull out that watering can. Lastly, keep in mind they need shaping and pruning. “By removing the old faded flower heads you are encouraging new ones to be produced,” Randy explained. When pruning, find the leaf with five leaflets on each stem and cut just ahead of that leaf. Don’t over-prune in the late fall as it can cause the roses to die back in the winter.

With over one hundred species of roses, your senses will be in heaven with so many scents and colors to select from. The Shrub Rose leads the popularity contest with its low maintenance and vibrant colors that last from early spring to late fall. The Tea Rose is perfect for beautiful bouquets and its range of colors and sweet fragrance adds the perfect touch of romance to your backyard. If you’re wanting a more vine-like rose, the Climbing Rose is the one for you.

There is no shortage of roses here in Kansas City – the list goes on and on. Pick up your favorite variation today and add a pop of color to your backyard this fall.


A Dozen Facts About Roses

  1. The rose is England’s national flower.
  2. All species of roses have five petals except for ‘Rosa sericea,’ which has only four.
  3. Roses produce a berry-like fruit called a rose hip.
  4. Rose hips can be made into tea, jam, or jelly because they are extremely rich in vitamin C.
  5. Roses have perfume glands on its petals that can be used to make perfume scents.
  6. Rose bush “thorns” are technically prickles.
  7. Love, sorrow, or sympathy have been symbolized by roses for hundreds of years.
  8. You can make rose water by steeping rose petals in water.
  9. Roses themselves are edible and are often added to salads or desserts.
  10. Roses live a very long time. A rose bush in Germany has been alive for one thousand years.
  11. Black roses aren’t in fact black, just a very dark red that portrays the color black.
  12. The tallest rose species can reach up to twenty-three feet tall.

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