75 Years of Timeless Design

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Kitchens by Kleweno celebrates a legacy of success built through visionary leadership and innovation and, above all, client trust.

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It has been said leadership is the capacity to translate vision into reality, thereby creating a successful outcome. When Merle Kleweno started his business in 1946, he had the vision and foresight to put his company ahead of the pack. That foundation behind the company now known as Kitchens by Kleweno and owned by Randy Sisk, stands as a solid testament not only to success and leadership, but also to character, respect, and trust.

As a full-service kitchen and bath design studio serving the greater metro area, Kitchens by Kleweno has built on its foundation through a long-standing track record based on innovative, functional, and artistic designs that never waver from timeless presentation. 

A brief look back in time… 

When kitchen cabinets transitioned from metal to wood in the 1950s, Merle seized on the opportunity to transform his business by redefining how kitchens should look, feel, and function. In a sense, Merle set the bar for kitchen design by recognizing the room for all it could offer. He understood this space wasn’t just for meal preparation but also a place to entertain and could be highly suited for showcasing art.

“Merle had the ability to see ahead of the curve,” said Randy Sisk. “He had a vision and way of anticipating what people wanted to enhance their home and lifestyle.”

Randy and Merle’s friendship became a partnership in the 1980s. When Merle passed away in the late 1990s, Randy became the sole owner of Kitchens by Kleweno. To this day, Randy and his team continue Merle’s passion for innovative design.

“Just like Merle, we strive to be ahead of the curve by creating timeless kitchen designs that provide our clients with unique beauty, superior function and a lasting investment in their home and quality of life,” noted Randy. 

That attention to timeless appeal is reflected in Kleweno’s rich history, which has anticipated ever-changing design trends, the evolution and revolution in kitchen products and in Kansas City’s own history. Kitchens by Kleweno participated in the first Symphony Designer Showhouse and remained a key partner for decades, demonstrating the commitment to their community and their craft.

“The Fine Art of Living. Served Up Daily.”

The “Art of the Kitchen” is not just a tagline in the Kleweno logo, it’s a mantra for Randy and his team. No kitchen is designed through one simple plan and a layout. The Kleweno process is about bringing the homeowner’s vision to life by exploring all the possibilities in planning the space, providing multiple design options, and then drilling down to address the smallest detail. 

“We get into great detail with homeowners about how they like to cook, relax and entertain. We help problem solve. We bring new ways of thinking about design into the mix,” expressed Randy. 

Kleweno designers can also tackle the toughest space planning challenges using their exclusive custom cabinetry lines that make it possible to transform any kitchen into a fully functional space, complete with art-inspired elements or special areas to display art.  

“Our designers have decades of experience and are artists in their own right,” emphasized Randy, whose team includes Cherie Brown and Genevieve Hamel. “They have the ability to create anything anyone wants quite literally.” 

Kleweno designers work with local artisans to create one-of-a-kind art elements out of tile, glass, stone, metals, and wood. “This can be a handmade tile mosaic for a backsplash, custom etched glass for doors or countertops, handcrafted steel light fixtures and bronze range hoods,” said Randy. “These designs are exclusive to each client. This is what we love to do.”

Service, trust, and longevity…

“We have our clients to thank as we celebrate our 75th anniversary,” noted Randy. “We have clients who come back to us multiple times for multiple homes in multiple states over decades and then generations of families come to us, as well. We are humbled by their trust in our work.” 

And at Kleweno, each client’s satisfaction goes well beyond the sale. “We have homeowners with Kleweno kitchens dating back to the 1980s who call us for help with repairs or maintenance,” recalled Randy. “We’re so proud to be here for them and are focused on the future to be here for every client for decades to come.”

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