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Outstanding Kansas City Woman of the Month


Dr. Marie Griffin

Endocrinologist at Jacobson and McElliott Diabetes and Endocrinology Center

Do you believe in miracles? … I do. I have witnessed so many but the most profound one came to me in the form of Dr Marie Griffin. I have suffered for years with kidney stones, thyroid disorders and osteopenia. Dr Griffin came in to the store one day and saw I had yet another broken bone. She invited me to come and see her even though her patient load was full. She said she had a ‘hunch’ of what was wrong with me; her ‘hunch’ was a large parathyroid tumor that was overlooked by one of the best specialists! Please read about this remarkable lady that hails from South Georgia! ~ Zoe Harrington

As one of less than 20 physicians nationwide to receive the Healthstream “Excellence Through Insight Award” for patient satisfaction, a national award offered to the physicians with the highest patient satisfaction  scores, and recipient of the 2014 Vitals Patients’ Choice Award – given to only 5% of physicians, Dr. Griffin’s patients clearly feel strongly that Dr. Griffin is someone very special.

Warm, kindhearted, and keen on finding answers, Dr. Griffin is definitely the kind of physician you’d want if you are experiencing chronic illness, such as diabetes.

“The management of diabetes is like a big mathematics game but is highly affected by behaviors and food issues and emotions – so we wind up being statisticians, psychologists, and cheerleaders, whatever it takes to support people who manage this difficult disease day to day. Dealing with chronic illness is a difficult thing for patients and we try to make that easier and more successful – not only in terms of the disease management – but the psychological state of the patient,” explained Dr. Griffin.

Endocrinologists can also be the puzzle solvers in medicine taking the deep dive into symptoms and conditions to diagnose the rare underlying disease states.

“Both types of care are satisfying for me in different ways and I love having long relationships with patients and really getting to understand their lives. You can’t manage a chronic illness like diabetes without that kind of knowledge.”

In medicine, patient satisfaction is also tied with physician job satisfaction. “Simply put, I love what I do. It is so lovely to think about being named a “woman of nobility”  although I am really just doing what I love every day.

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