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Clean lines, stainless steel cabinets, and ultimate organization make this garage the envy of the neighborhood. Add in the Lotus Elise that makes its home in the 3rd bay and now it’s the envy of Kansas City. Meet homeowner David Stewart and see how he turned his average garage into the garage of his dreams.

Story by Ann Butenas   |   Photos by Matt Kocourek

Having a garage built with his list of “must haves” has always been on David Stewart’s “to do” list. However, over the years those “must haves” always found a way to get pushed further down the list as other priorities in life took precedence.

But by September 2014, the timing was right and Stewart turned his dream into reality at his Leawood home. And it was not something into which he impulsively jumped.




Upon first entering the garage, if you sense the true essence of a “man cave,” then please don’t waver from that initial conclusion. With so much to offer in terms of form, function and overall appeal, this garage excites the senses with its unique vibe and perfect flow. It has “at last” written all over it for Stewart.

In fact, it can be a challenge to figure out where to focus your attention initially, but we can say that the 2005 Lotus Elise sports car does catch your eye, and Stewart will tell you it definitely captured his heart.

“I was on the waiting list for two years,” he noted. “It is the purest sports car available.”

And such a car deserves edgy yet sophisticated surroundings, as evidenced by the exquisite granite garage flooring, the stainless steel cabinetry, strategically placed artwork, and commercial slatwall.

“There are 34 four by eight maple panels that make up the walls, wrapping all the way around,” said Stewart. “These walls were placed over the existing drywall which provides extra thermal and sound insulation.”



Unique to the walls is the ability to place hooks anywhere on them to accommodate anything from garden tools to sports equipment to artwork. They truly are multi-purpose walls.

Among the other goodies in this coveted space include spacious cabinets that rest over the recycle bins; a compressor under the work bench with in-wall plumbing; a refrigerator under the workbench; a staircase in the back of the garage that leads to full storage underneath and a high-lift garage door system that is the envy of the neighborhood.

With that extra space for his 12’ ceiling, Stewart has the ability to eventually install a lift in his garage to store an additional vehicle.

All wires are hidden from sight in this garage and Stewart can control just about anything from the palm of his hand.

“From my iPhone I can control the garage doors, the lights, the sound system, the alarm system and I can even run the sprinklers,” he noted. All of this certainly begs the obvious question, “Do you ever go inside the house?”

“I don’t have cable television in my garage,” he laughed. “So I have to go inside at some point!”



flooring: Granite Garage Floors   |   high-lift garage door system: Radio Controlled Garage Doors   |   under car plastic tiling: RaceDeck   |   slatwall sheets, chrome hangers/accessories: KC Store Fixtures   |   aluminum corner trim: REW   |   high velocity fan: Monte Carlo   |   maple cove and edge molding: Schutte Lumber   |   akurum cabinets with stainless steel doors: IKEA   |   automation system: LightCore Systems   |   speakers: Klipsch   |   audio system controller: Home Theatre Direct Lync   |   decora nickel finish switches and outlets: Home Depot

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