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Front doors that make a statement and complement the character of your home.

If you think doors are all about function and less about fashion, think again. Front doors add a refreshing look to your home’s exterior, impacting your curb appeal and adding character to your home. With today’s hot door trends, this is not the time to settle for just another door.

From the natural look to bright hues, make sure your front door has sizzle. While everyone seems to have an opinion about the best color and style for a front door, the choice is ultimately yours. Your front door should blend with your exterior style, reflect your personality and make a statement about your house.



Height and width seems to another hot trend for entry doors. Homeowners are choosing eight-foot doors as ceiling height has trended in a similar direction. Tall doors add an immediate dramatic effect to any home and creates an illusion of increased interior space.

With its design flexibility and ability to mimic natural wood, fiberglass doors are quickly rising to the top as the door of choice. With its high insulation properties, it is one of the most energy-efficient doors on the market. You can easily customize your door to perfectly match your home’s architectural style. Finishes of distressed antique custom doors, deep mahogany-varnished and naturally tinted oak doors are trending high. Muted earth tones in charcoal gray and chocolate brown are being used on door frames or for trim work to add accent. Bright pops of color against neutral are becoming more common. Bright yellow is a big trend for front doors as well as kelly greens and oranges.



Including glass in your door allows for the natural sunlight to filter or flood into your home, depending on the style chosen. Textured glass lends to added privacy, as does sandblasted glass and stained glass. Clear glass looks stylish, but offers little privacy. To help protect against that stray neighborhood baseball, you might consider using toughened glass as it is treated to be more resistant.

Ready to hang your door? Be sure to take cost and performance in consideration. Then comes the hard part – style and color. Have fun, be daring or be conservative – just make sure it’s a reflection of your unique style preference.

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