Stemware Extraordinaire

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Local artist’s enameled glassware is a stroke of genius.

Story By Rachael Hedgcoth

Imagine the meticulous time, effort and attention to detail that goes into hand-painting an individual wine glass.

Now imagine single-handedly sterilizing, painting and baking between 2,000 and 2,500 such wine glasses, each with a whimsical floral design, over four months.

Trish Reed can do far more than imagine this scenario, because she has perfected this art for the past eight years. So much so, in fact, that she often wakes from sleep with her hand moving because she’s been painting in her dreams.

An accomplished painter and owner of Ten Talents Art in Overland Park, she is the creative force behind the coveted souvenir wine glasses that have become synonymous with Overland Park’s popular summer fundraiser Stems: A Garden Soirée.




A vivacious woman with a cheerful demeanor, the New York native’s path to painting was rooted in childhood moments spent doing crafts, art classes and decorative painting with her mother.

While at her core she loved painting, her professional life led to an accounting degree and subsequent positions in education and technology in Oklahoma.

She began to redefine her career aspirations when she moved to Overland Park with her husband in 2001.

That same year, Reed’s mother called and asked if she wanted to attend a weeklong painting class taught by renowned painter and One Stroke™ creator Donna Dewberry in Toronto.

Ultimately, Reed left Toronto fully believing that she could make a career out of decorative painting.

Upon receiving One Stroke certification, she was immediately asked to teach painting classes at several area Michaels.

“I like to say that One Stroke is painting for impatient people,” laughs Reed.

The One Stroke technique entails double-loading a flat brush with two or more colors which facilitates blending, highlighting and shading — all in one stroke.

As Reed experimented with surfaces and refined her painting skills, she soon gravitated toward painting on glass and creating pieces that served as functional art.

“I find that glass is more forgiving but it is also very challenging,” she says. “You have to be very sure of your stroke.”

In 2006, a downtown Overland Park craft show where Reed was selling her crafts led to a fortuitous meeting between Reed and planners for Stems, a fundraising event at the Overland Park Arboretum & Botanical Gardens.

And the rest is history.




Now, every summer, attendees arrive at the Stems event eager to discover the year’s newest floral creation to grace Reed’s repertoire of past crowd favorites.

“I usually do 10 to 12 designs every year, including one new design that comes out each year,” says Reed. “I also do pitchers, vases, trifle bowls and other companion pieces.”

Her collection thus far showcases the lotus flower in blue, red, orange and aqua as well as the iris, sunflower, poppy, pink Gerbera daisy, black-eyed Susan, purple aster and an ornate botanical design.

Stems patrons will have to wait to learn what this year’s new flower design will be, but Reed shares that she is retiring last year’s pink ruffle flower.

While the Stems event is Reed’s largest project, she also paints glassware for other foundations, fundraisers, weddings, bridal parties, sororities and more.

Above all, Reed is thrilled to be painting for her livelihood.

“I am so blessed that I get to do something I enjoy for a living,” says Reed.

No doubt her legions of loyal fans feel the same.

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Find Trish Reed’s stunning hand-painted glassware pieces at the Overland Park Arboretum & Botanical Gardens’ gift shop. Or for more information visit

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