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It’s time to turn that nightmare of a space into a dream of a room.

Story by Ann E. Butenas




This mudroom nestled in a stylish home in southern Leawood has been designed to keep pace with the active family that resides here. Catering to four kids and two adults, this room sees an appreciable amount of foot traffic, and designer Laura Suhr, owner of Suhr Interior Design, definitely had her work cut out for her when creating a room that is independent and confident in its own space yet can seamlessly transition to the rest of the home.

Upon entering the room, what first catches one’s eye is the dark porcelain tile on the floor, which provides a sleek, modern feel to the room while also working overtime to disguise dirt and debris with its unique variation in colors. This low maintenance flooring is also a breeze to clean!

Perfect for this busy family are the customized cubbies, one for each child, with adjoining benches upon which to sit while lacing up the sneakers. The warm grey color of the built-in cabinets accented with the lighter wall color marries beautifully with the flooring.

“We went with a medium toned gray on the mud bench which ties in nicely with the flooring, and more important, is very forgiving in high traffic areas” noted Suhr, who also referenced the extra storage space for shoes directly under the benches.

Adding to the overall modern vibe of the room are the two doorways that allow access to the mudroom. One door leads into the additional garage and living space and the other faces the street. The door facing the street boasts five square windows running vertically down the side to complement the looks of the main front door.

“For this particular door, the family wanted something that was unique and would enhance the modern exterior while still providing privacy and security,” explained Suhr.

Finally, the long runner adds a bit of comfort to the space while the brightly colored art gives a nod to the eye-popping colors and appeal found in the rest of the home’s interior design.

Architect/Home Designer: M|C|Lieb Designs    |    Builder/Contractor: Befort Construction    |    Interior Designer: Suhr Interior Design    |    Cabinets: Precision Woods    |    Paint: Sherwin Williams    |    Painter: P&JP Painting    |    Tile: Key Distributors




This charming mudroom located in a classic ranch-style home in an established Leawood neighborhood is the perfect balance of form and function. Prior to embracing its new look, the  space leading into the home from the garage was essentially a “battleground” of book bags, cleats, coats and mud from the yard. With three active kids at the helm, a change was definitely in order.

Thanks to Lance McCarthy, owner of ReTouch, a Kansas City Design Build General Contractor,  and his phenomenal team, this mudroom has gained decided momentum in terms of design and ease of use.

“In order to make this work, we essentially stole about 18 inches from the garage, creating a 200 square foot laundry room/mudroom, along with a connecting half bath,” noted McCarthy.

The design incorporated a row of lockers and benches, enough for all five members of the family. Individual buckets in the lockers help to encourage organization and structure. In keeping pace with technology, each locker/cubby space is equipped with its own USB port, making it easy to recharge all of those cell phones, tablets and laptops.

The spacious Montclair Danby honed marble countertop makes folding clothes a snap and the drying rack over the countertop allows for laundry day multitasking. Additionally, the cabinets located on both sides of the washer and dryer were custom made with additional height.

The overall brightness and engaging appeal of the room makes it an inviting and welcoming space as well. The Banana Yellow paint by Benjamin Moore found in the bathroom pairs well with the Rock Port Gray wall paint, also by Benjamin Moore, in the main area. Finally, the standard oak hardwood flooring, stained to match the rest of the home, adds a certain level of warmth to the space while also holding its own against the daily foot traffic.

“You definitely don’t mind spending time in this room,” noted McCarthy.

Contractor & Interior Designer: ReTouch Design. Build. Renovate    Architect: InDwell Architecture and Design    |    Cabinets: MVB Cabinets & Countertops    |    Countertops: Topmaster    |    Windows & Doors: Kansas City Building Supply    |    Paint: Benjamin Moore    |    Painter: BrushX Painting




Without a first floor laundry room in its original 1960s floor plans, this charming home located in a northern Leawood neighborhood was long overdue for a place that allowed the homeowners easy access to laundry, coats, shoes, and storage for various items used on a daily basis without overwhelming the garage entry way into the home.

“It really doesn’t feel like a laundry room, however,” noted John Moffitt, President of Moffitt Realty and local homebuilder whose company MOJO redesigned this space with user-friendly appeal at top of mind.

Thanks to three windows, this room enjoys a wealth of natural light as well as a front-row view of the backyard. It truly does feel like another room in the house instead of “just a mudroom.”

With its wealth of counter top space, storage areas and cabinets, it truly is a multipurpose room. The footlockers, cubbies and hooks all take their place with respect to efficiency and usability, and the eye-catching corkboard hanging on the wall makes for the perfect family message center or the place to put those coupons and shopping lists for last-minute retrieval.

The expansive counter tops are perfect for holding multiple items at once and greatly influence the theme of the home while also standing up to the daily activity in the household.

Additionally, the quarter-sawn oak floors add a touch of warmth while simultaneously providing an easy cleaning surface when those dirty tennis shoes are exchanged for cozy house slippers.

Unique to this mudroom are the two easy access doors, one from the two car garage on one side and the other from the recently-added one car garage on the opposite side, both of which provide access to the backyard. This allows for a seamless transition from any number of chores, from unloading groceries to preparing to mow the lawn.

Contractor: MOJO Built    |    Architect: Wendlandt & Stallbaumer    |    Interior Designer: Refined Interior Staging Solutions

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