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Douglas Brooks  |  Noble House Jewelry




In the over 30 years Noble House Jewelry has been in business, it has played a prominent role in Doug Brooks’ life. In fact, as the son of Zoe Herrington, owner and founder of Noble House, he quite literally grew up in the industry.

“There has never been a time when the store and the industry has not been a part of my life. My mom even turned her office into a nursery!” beamed Brooks.

Throughout his childhood, Brooks spent many hours in the store. There he watched his mother live all she believed about putting people first and understanding that buying jewelry is always a significant moment in the lives of the customer, whether they are buying an expensive wedding ring or a beautiful costume piece.

“The love for jewelry and the industry was never forced on me. I grew into it. Spending time in the store, I came to understand all that it takes to create a stunning piece and the impact such beauty has on the lives of the customer. It is transformative, and I love it. Jewelry has become my passion, and I have my mom to thank for that.”

“This business has been my mom’s life. She has worked endless hours and made Noble House one of the most respected jewelry stores in the area. Customers have always been her top priority – everything about us reflects her vision and hard work.”

“My mom is not going anywhere,” Doug assures. “Jewelry is her passion too, and I don’t think there will ever come a time where she is not serving or ensuring a positive customer experience. I am just taking on more duties so she can enjoy what she has worked so hard to achieve. “

Doug’s vision for the future of Noble House is one he shares with his mom.

“We will continue to expand so we can always sell great pieces at fair, affordable prices. Because we believe in fairness, we have very narrow margins of profit. To keep prices that reflect our mission, we have to sell enough to make that possible. This store is a melting pot where you can find everything from pieces over $200,000 to popular costume pieces for under $20. We want everyone to have the same pleasurable experience.”

Whatever the future holds, Doug feels fortunate to enjoy being part of the industry, and for his family.

“I am blessed to have this life and this family, and to be able to do what I truly love. I am blessed to carry on the legacy and I hope to grow it to pass on to my own family someday.”

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