Let There Be Light

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Windows that bring the outside in with the style you want.

Story by Jeanie Erwin


Abundant light is the ideal backdrop for today’s urban industrial design trends, a driving force in 2015 window style trends. Today, glass is an integral and highly desirable design feature.

“Glass, glass, and more glass is the current window trends we are seeing right now,” asserted Troy Beeler, of Kansas City Millwork.



Window design closely follows home and interior design trends and today, consumers are looking for ways to increase light and make windows the focal point of their design that highlights all other elements. Smart, new, architectural designs which make the most of natural lighting fuse with hot trends in industrial chic that highlight the creative use of modern, yet vintage, stripped down details such as exposed brick and industrial and mechanical detailing.

“The shift in architecture and style has driven a huge popularity in casement and awning windows. People want walls of glass. In fact, they want as much glass as possible. Modern casement and awning windows are the most popular choice in getting that industrial look.”



Industrial casement and awning windows, like those found in warehouses and factories, have come to be appreciated as modern design gems. Casements, which are hinged and open to the side, and awning windows, which are hinged from the top, are being used to achieve everything from an edgy and sophisticated style, to a warm, inviting, and even weathered feel. The striking nature of the windows lends themselves too many design styles because they eliminate the need for overt ornamentation. Instead, the use of natural light dramatically highlights the style, lines, and other elements of design, such as robust pops of color, and layers of texture.

“Another reason people are gravitating toward casements and awnings is the desire to bring the outside in, and highlight their view,” furthered Beeler.

Current trends in outdoor living spaces find the use of casement windows and bi-fold glass doors a perfect application for creating a seamless indoor-outdoor space.

The industrial revolution gave birth to incredible and incredibly underappreciated design elements that have now come of age. Leaving behind the historically solely utilitarian aspect, modern casement windows have gained a respected place in residential design.

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