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Story by Megan Felling

Want your home to stand out among the tried and true brick, stone and stucco exteriors? Several products are available today which not only allow a homeowner to express their creativity and personality when remodeling or building a home, but are high functioning as well.

Brian Faust, President of Faust Construction, has worked with several innovative architectural materials to create modern and unique home designs.



“On several projects I’ve incorporated phonelic panels for façade cladding – the skeleton of the house is framed as normal, and the flat, free-standing panels are hung on the façades. Trespa is a reinforced laminate panel, about three-quarters of an inch thick. It is extremely durable, moisture resistant, doesn’t contract in extreme and changing weather conditions, and offers nearly limitless design possibilities,” he said. “Prodema has a similar product which offers a natural wood veneer.”

On a recent remodel, the exterior walls of the house utilized a complete rain screen wall siding system using hidden fasteners, which created a sleek, clean finished product. Masarandubra Brazilian redwood was juxtaposed with a corrugated metal siding, using horizontal seams, or reveals, as an architectural element to break up the long spans. It also allowed the use of shorter panels, which saved the owner on shipping costs.



Another remodel incorporated slate blended with large glass panels. Thin veneer panels of the grey colored natural stone were hung to give the effect of shingles on the home, blending into its natural setting among the trees. The streamlined and sleek finishes have a modern, contemporary flair that is unique in many traditional Kansas City neighborhoods.

He also suggests using traditional materials in unusual ways such as an exotic wood landscape wall, using decking material on the exterior of the home, or stainless steel to shroud a column.

“Often clients will come to me with pictures from the internet or a magazine of a look they like,” Brian noted. “It’s a great starting point to talk about all the options available. I enjoy being creative and designing a unique home that has a current and fresh style.”

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