Luminary Splendor

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Story by Ann E. Butenas   |   Photos courtesy of NiteLites

While the upcoming holidays can mean many things to many people, when you live in Kansas City, you know the celebrations would not be complete without the traditional (and not-so-traditional) holiday lights!

Whether you want a clean, simple yet sophisticated look or really want to add some spark and pizzazz to your home’s outdoor holiday lighting, outdoor lighting can accomplish all of the above. Just imagine what your holiday guests will think when they are greeted by exceptional seasonal style. Even just a strand of lights accenting your front door can make a grand statement when the bulbs are evenly spaced and the lights are easily directed.



When using the latest sustainable LED technology currently available, which translates to reusable, lower wattage bulbs that last longer than traditional ones, homeowners can use something as simple as string lights along the perimeter of a home’s exterior to decking out the trees, shrubs, sidewalk, driveway and more in true holiday spirit incorporating a wide range of colors and designs. Creativity is certainly welcome.

Doug Bringman of NiteLites of Kansas City added, “We take into consideration what homeowners want and then guide them and give them ideas for the best possible result. Common choices include string lights, snowflakes, icicles and different variations of colors.”

A company like NiteLites makes and manufactures their own fixtures, as well as provides the installation and design services of not only holiday lights, but regular outdoor lighting. They offer a lifetime guarantees on their entire systems.

Homeowners enjoy the experience of arriving home and embracing that inviting curb appeal. With unique designs to entire lighting systems or simple smaller displays, brightening the night with inviting holiday ambiance can make your home have “Seasons Greetings” written all over it or it can make that simple “Happy Holidays” statement.

For more information on holiday lighting and everyday outdoor lighting, contact Doug Bringman with NiteLites of Kansas City at 913.871.1299 or go online at You can also find them on Facebook at

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