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Assisting Buyers, Sellers, Builders and Developers with their Real Estate Needs

When a potential builder, developer, buyer or seller meets Dee Grisamore of Innovative Realty, they feel his confident professionalism. With more than 30 years of experience in all phases of the housing industry, Grisamore brings an invaluable perspective which equates to a trust that everyone he works with feels immediately.

Originally from Wichita, Kansas, Grisamore earned a degree in Business Administration, and after graduation, he conducted market research studies for an apartment developer who was building 7,500 units per year. He then moved to Kansas City and began his residential real estate career. Over the years, he has been a managing broker, starting the Lenexa office of what is now Reece and Nichols Realty. He also started and was the Broker/Owner for a Re/Max office. During the last 30 years, Grisamore has successfully managed, marketed and sold more than 16 subdivisions in the metropolitan area.

Dee has a special interest in working with the buying and selling public, as well as builders and developers. His experience puts him in a good place to understand the intricacies of the real estate industry and share his positive outlook with customers.

Dee is truly a one-stop shop in the real estate industry. He helps buyers and sellers transition from their existing home to their dream home, one that fits their needs and wants. As an empty nester with grandchildren, he especially enjoys working with empty nester and retiree customers.




Dee’s understanding of the clear relationship between industries and years of marketing research experience have given him a unique perspective on real estate.

“The incredible rate with which we are seeing demographic shifts and the intricacies of the economy demand that real estate professionals possess multidisciplinary skills,” says Grisamore. “We need to be willing to join forces with builders, developers and architects, enabling them to target specific goals and realize success.”

In addition to his years working with builders and developers, Grisamore has spent four years as a residential developer himself. “I have been fortunate enough to gain the knowledge and experience associated with developing subdivisions. From the initial market analysis, to working with engineers, to collaborating with architects, I know what goes into creating a successful new home community,” stated Grisamore.

Dee can work with a customer selling their home. Starting with a market analysis of their existing home, Dee will develop a marketing plan for the sale of their home and oversee the entire process through to closing. “Something as simple as staging or adding certain features to an existing home can make the difference between a quick sale or lingering on the market,” says Grisamore.

When buyers are interested in a new home, Dee can help them find the location and specific home site they want, find the right builder and home design, and develop a set of specifications for them. He understands how to work with the builder and buyer on custom floor plans.

If customers are interested in purchasing a resale home, he will consult with them to find out their specific needs and wants. He will also research homes that fit their requirements and, in most cases, Dee will preview the homes before showing them in order to ensure buyers only see homes that work for them.




He is currently marketing homes in Tuscany Reserve Village, an exclusive maintenance-provided community located in Leawood, Kansas. As the exclusive broker for the Tuscany Community, Dee works with award-winning Willis Construction as the exclusive builder. All of the homes in Tuscany Reserve Village are custom designed by renowned architect Scott Bickford. Currently, only two home sites remain in Tuscany Reserve Village for custom building, as well as the model home located at 3322 W 137th Street. Prospective homebuyers may reserve a home site and build the home of their dreams by contacting Dee for an appointment to view the model home and lots available.

“I minimize frustration by setting clients up for success. Rather than just connecting a buyer to an architect, for example, I come ready with floor plans from which they can draw inspiration, so when they meet with the architect, they are well prepared to discuss and review the ideas and plans they have in mind for building,” Dee states.

“The real estate business is all about knowing people and understanding their place as they transition through life,” says Grisamore. “I am fortunate that my wife Susan and I have enjoyed 45 years of marriage, have two wonderful children that have two equally wonderful spouses, and three spectacular grandchildren. Having been through important transitions in my own life, I know that even beyond statistics lie the important reasons why people choose their homes. I have the unique opportunity to meet so many new people and not only assist them with their real estate needs but become their friend for life.” For Grisamore, that is what makes being a realtor so interesting and meaningful.

“As agents, we market homes and help clients connect to properties that are well-suited to their needs and wants. I help people move their life forward, be a small part of seeing them through rough patches, or sharing in their joy. Every day is an opportunity to expand my knowledge and contribute positively to the community,” he reflected.

That is why Grisamore’s diverse personal experience adds so much pleasure to his own work, whether it is with individual clients, builders or developers. “Ultimately, it is a bond of trust, knowing that we want the very best for one another, that makes the real estate experience so successful.”


Working to build a better tomorrow is high on Grisamore’s list of priorities. When not in the field, you can find him devoting his time to property rights advocacy through volunteerism. Currently, Grisamore serves as a Director for the Kansas Association of Realtors, and he’s on the Governmental Affairs committee for the Kansas City Regional Association of Realtors for Kansas, as well as on the Sales and Marketing Council and Associates Council for the Kansas City Home Builders Association.


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