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Story by Jeanie Erwin

Walk into the showroom at Kitchens & Baths by Briggs in Lenexa and you are met with an abundance of statement making fixtures and features. It is clear that there is an industry-wide increasing appreciation for purposeful design and integrated technologies in the once overlooked space. Today, Lynn Middleton of Kitchens & Baths by Briggs shares the latest trends in bathroom fixtures and how top designers are responding to consumers with expansive design lines.

KCHS: Bathrooms, historically, have not received the same attention to design as other rooms in the home. What has changed?

LYNN: I think the shift in people staying in one home longer or buying an older home and renovating it has a lot to do with why more people are paying attention to bathroom design. They are looking at things from a new perspective, one that asks “how can I make every space in the home a space that feels inviting.”

KCHS: How has the industry responded to that need?

LYNN: The makers are answering with a wider range of options to fit every design aesthetic at a wider range of price points. Also, many companies are responding to the desire to customize a look. This is giving the consumer the power to design the perfect bathroom retreat and allocate the budget as they need.

KCHS: What are the hottest trends in bathroom designs right now?

LYNN: Today, buyers are leaning away from heavy overwrought design in favor of cleaner lines and lighter colors. They are choosing fixtures in stainless steel, matte, and high gloss in very contemporary and minimalist designs. Artistic features are also trending, such as the temperature sensitive open spout faucets that light up according to the temperature of the water.

KCHS: Since homeowners are thinking of this space as more of a retreat, how is that influencing their design choices?

LYNN: This really has impacted the choices people are making in design. It is all about comfort. Features such as mirrors with integrated televisions are popular for making it a relaxing space, as are large faced shower heads. They are also replacing corner tubs with the much more comfortable and space and water saving freestanding tubs.

KCHS: If you were doing a complete bathroom remodel in your own home today, what would you include? 

LYNN:  I would definitely reconfigure it for additional space. I would also install a freestanding tub, a wall mounted faucet, and definitely get a wall mounted electric mirror!


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