Art That Endures

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Renown Jewelry Designer Todd Reed

Story by Jeanie Erwin  |  Photos courtesy of Todd Reed

Like nothing else, art embodies our soul and thoughts in a concrete form that will endure. Art satisfies some of our deepest needs to bring complex abstractions to life. It anchors its creation to a single moment in time, yet grasps at all that has gone before and all that will follow after.

Art’s intrinsic value is incalculable, and ones attraction to any particular piece is difficult to explain. When it speaks to you, it just does.

“Not everyone gets my designs, and that’s okay” says jewelry designer Todd Reed. “It is not meant for everyone to get. At the heart of each design is my attempt to communicate my thoughts and ideas. I don’t live outside of art, and I believe my form of communication should be on point and connected to purpose. When that resonates with someone, I feel very fortunate.”



All of his designs are borne of the desire to communicate astounding beauty, he explains “Jewelry cuts right to chase. It allows an immediate connection.”

Reed, who’s mother is a well-known commercial illustrator, has always led a life of art, designing furniture, leatherwork, painting and sculptures. After becoming close friends with a prominent diamond collector, he was introduced to the artistry behind rough stones and began a journey that continues to define, clarify, and broaden his art.

Reed’s designs are all created from recycled materials, an eco-friendly practice he calls “right relationship” he has kept from the inception of his company.

“The use of recycled materials is not unusual now,” he explains. However, the trendsetting practice was virtually unheard of when he began 20 years ago.



Reed’s designs are all hand fabricated by Reed and a team of 16 master jewelers using 18k gold, palladium, and platinum and personally selected diamonds and other gemstones, often in raw form. Each one is completely unique, adding to the allure and artistic nature of the piece.

“When designing the pieces, we think about love and spirituality. Every piece should have relevance, and be the best we can possibly create.”

The quest for greatness is not always efficient, he explains.

“Each piece is crafted by one jeweler, without being handed off. Efficiency tends to take an element of care out of the piece and we want to retain all of the passion from beginning to end. That may mean we produce fewer pieces, but we can be proud of every one.”

Mark Mazzarese, of Mazzarese Jewelers in Leawood, and who comes from the 4th generation of jewelers, explains that it is this “inefficiency” that gives Reed’s designs a deep authenticity that speaks to both men and women, and a large part of the reason they enjoy working with Reed, who has become a close personal friend over the years.


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