Living History

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Where the future meets the past

Living History, Union Station’s new permanent digital exhibit app, shares some of the most memorable stories of the people who have passed through the station’s halls during the past 100 years. Using augmented reality in rich, interactive formats and a cutting-edge virtual history tour, created by VML, the exhibit illustrates how this iconic monument and transportation hub was a key driver in Kansas City’s growth and expansion to help it become the city it is today.

VML brought the idea for the Living History virtual exhibit to Union Station and worked with technology partners Gimbal, a location-aware mobile engagement platform, and Kansas City-based Moblico, an in-app marketing platform to implement the technology.



“Union Station history is foremost a story about people,” said President and CEO of Union Station, George Guastello. “People building, connecting, moving, reuniting, and celebrating ordinary and extraordinary moments. Sharing those stories is our responsibility and an honor of the highest order.”

“The reality of what VML has created to tell these important stories in such an exciting and high-tech way is nothing short of amazing,” said Executive Vice President and COO of Union Station, Jerry Baber. “Guests will be able to step into and interact with some of the most memorable Union Station moments. We owe VML, Gimbal and Moblico our deepest  gratitude and can’t wait for the people of Kansas City and beyond to experience this remarkable and free Living History exhibition.”



The exhibit, which features Gimbal proximity beacons throughout Union Station and augmented reality experiences on mobile devices, allows the user to relive the historical moments of Union Station featuring Harry S. Truman, Walt Disney, Ernest Hemingway, the Kansas City Massacre and more.

“VML is proud to help celebrate Union Station as a historic monument in Kansas City on its centennial. The Living History experience uses creative storytelling and the latest mobile technology, which brings the historical moments of Union Station to life for Kansas Citians and anyone visiting,” said VML CEO and President, Jon Cook. “We wanted to tell some of the lesser-known stories of Union Station’s history, and using location-based technology and augmented reality, visitors can experience these stories in the exact place they happened. It’s truly a magical experience.”

For more information about the app and exhibit visit Living History is currently available for both iOS and Android smartphones. 


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